Church of England Endorses Infanticed?

I personally don’t trust the press. Their primary reason for writing is to make money, not to report the truth. For this reason, I’m not altogether sure I trust two articles that have appeared concerning the Church of England endorsing a policy of infanticed for deformed or handycapped children. It’s possible that this is true, but it’s difficult to believe. Here are the links:

At its inception, the Church of England (founded by King Henry VIII) has rejected essential Christian doctrines beginning with the Papal primacy and the priesthood. In recent years, the rejection of other core Christian doctrines have been accelerating in pace and these changes has caused much trouble in the Episcopalian Church.

The allowance of what is called “passive euthanasia” is only the beginning. We’ve seen what has happened in this country. Extraordinary means becomes dumbed down to include food and water. Moreover, what are the implications of a religous body saying that some life isn’t worth saving?  

If these reports are true and the Church of England is going to endorse infantice, we need to keep them (and all the innnocents that will lose their lives) in our prayers.

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