Poll: Nearly Half of Americans Do Not Believe God Exists

I don’t take much stock in polls. The questions asked are often leading. I especially don’t trust poll during an election cycle (for obvious reasons). However, this little poll came out and there are a number of ways on can interpret it.


 The poll breaks down certainty of God’s existance by religions. Only 64 percent of Catholics responded that they were “absolutely certain” God exists as opposed to 76 percent of Protestants and 30% of Jews. Check out the poll for yourselves.

At first, I was shock to think that anyone would join a religion without believing in God. What’s the point? Then I realized that this question was a bit more qualified. It asked whether these people were absolutely certain God exists. People may have said no just because absolute certainty made have sounded too much like “demostrated” or “proven.” Unfortunately, it would have been nice to know how many people (especially broken down by religious affiliation) would say that the are “absolutely certain” God does not exist. But why not just ask people whether they believe God exists? Why probe people’s certainty? Is there a point to this poll? I don’t know. there are other questions.  I’m not really sure what do make of this poll. I’d love to hear your feedback.

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