Help! My friend is studying with Jehovah’s Witnesses

Here is a short list of things to do to help bring back a friend or loved one who has begun studying with Jehovah’s Witnesses:

1) Don’t Punish – The JW’s will tell your friend or loved one that if they believe “the truth” they will be persecuted. By showing your disapproval through punishment, you are only reinforcing the JW’s claims. Love is the key. Grow in love with God and your loved one. This will, in the end, be the best argument against the JW’s since they believe all non-JW’s will be destroyed by God. Instead, express your concern by saying that you’d like to learn more about the Watchtower organization and encourage them to study it with you.

2) Get Critical Info About The Watchtower Into Their Hands – This is a time critical response. As soon as possible, get information that shows the history and doctrinal gaffs of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Soceity. Show them that the Watchtower is unreliable, ahistorical and has ruined the lives of its followers.  Once they are exposed to this information, they will not want anything to do with them. The problem is that the JW will try to indoctrinate your loved one not to believe or accept any negective info concerning their organization. You need to strike first before they do so that your loved one can have an informed decision as to whether they ought to continue their JW Bible-study.

3) Wide Their Circle of Friends – The JW’s will attempt to plug their new member into their small circle of friends. This also serves to make it more difficult for your loved one to leave because all their friends are JW’s and they will lose them if they come back to the Church. As a result, your loved one will want to believe what they are taught because they don’t want to leave their friends. Do what you can do make sure that non-JW friendships grow – especially with believers.

4) Beginning Studying About The WTBS – You need to start learning about the background of the Watchtower and its teachings. First, learn your own Faith well. You need to be well grounded in the truth before you fight error. Do this exclusively (at first) through Christian resources. There are plenty of good publications and web resources (See Don’t go straight to JW’s sources because they use special jargon that won’t make sense to a novice.

5) Pray – God’s grace is needed to dispell darkness. Pray for your own growth in Faith, Hope and Love and for your loved one. Trust in God and spring to action.

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