New Catholic Apologetics Classes

If you live in South-east Michigan and you are interested in some intense and informative classes designed to sharpen your knowledge of Catholic Apologetics, come to the New E.C.R.C. Center in Bloomfield Hills (corner of Maple Rd. and Inkster). We will meet every Saturday at noon. The first classes will cover the tools of the trade or what it takes to be a good Catholic apologist. Every four sessions or so we will move on to study in depth many of the most commonly attacked Catholic doctrine. For more information, visit the HOA home website ( or contact the E.C.R.C. at 248-788-2460. Stay tuned to this blog for further updates on the classes and materials.

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Gary is a noted Catholic speaker and author. He has given hundreds of parish talks and seminars on apologetics and evangelism. Gary is also the author of several books including, Why Catholic Bibles Are Bigger: The Untold Story of the Lost Books of the Protestant Bible, The Case for the Deuterocanon: Evidence and Arguments, How to Wolf-proof Your Kids, Making Sense of Mary, etc. For more information books, talks, and CD sets go to: or his official website Gary is a proud member of CGM Booking go to
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